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Welcome to Authentic Instructor Training!

We are a team of motivated Master Trainers that are passionate about training the next generation of confident, powerful and memorable Indoor Cycling Instructors!

​One thing we've learned after spending several decades in the health and fitness industry, specifically as group fitness instructors, is that fitness participants connect to experiences.

​Thousands of instructors, from dozens of studios across North America and the UK have built their spin foundation with the Authentic Instructor Training program. We're excited you're here!

​You might already know that we are incredibly, ridiculously, obsessively passionate about indoor cycling and group exercise. It's our mission to create the world's most talented and inspiring fitness instructors!

We take pride in delivering the utmost in quality and customer service in all that we do, and merchandise is no exception!

​Beginning in early 2020 (#PANDEMIC), AIT Inc. began its journey into custom studio merchandising. Since then, we have fulfilled numerous orders of custom swag. From athletic wear and accessories to everyday lifestyle items, we'd love to help you with your next project!

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