Twin Acres Greenhouse

About Twin Acres Greenhouse




My name is Vanessa, and my dream of opening this greenhouse started 4 years ago. A year later, in April 2018, I purchased a used hoop house and began discussing excavation with a local company. A few months later, in late June, I found out I was pregnant. Two weeks later, at my ultrasound appointment, my husband and I found out we would be parents to twins! The greenhouse dream was put on hold as I walked through a complicated pregnancy that ended with the 4 week early arrival of Esther & Samuel in January 2019.

Fast forward to COVID 2020. COVID has challenged everyone on what is "normal" and has caused me to reflect on life and what I wanted for our new little family.

In June 2020, I contacted a local excavation company and together began the process of building my dream. I currently have one 2000 sq ft greenhouse, and plan to finish installing the second greenhouse for the 2022 season. I chose the name "Twin Acres" as my twins are my compelling reason to change my career and start on this new adventure. My plans and dreams keep growing as I become more and more excited at the opportunities before me!